Monday, January 09, 2017


awesome awesome awesome day back on the trails in socal again

lilia, paulo and i started at westride and went up to the NIKE tower.
paulo went back with me for a second trip, since i didn't get to run yesterday
(nevermind that he ran 16 yesterday...)


got in super late from LV last night...
so i slept in a bit...and didn't get out for my run
so i crocheted and finished the one on the left, instead!  =D


after a 5-hour delay (we waited at home)
we are on the plane and ready to head back to...LV!
(still have to drive home afterwards)



 why are they sideways?!  oh well

 made a couple of beanies with ponytail holes =D




 made my friend robin this slouchy teal/charcoal beanie
i had a cute model ;)


 i tried to make a second summit up sentinel, but it was not meant to be.
the snow really started coming down and visibility wasn't great
 turned around with more than a mile to go up and headed back down instead.
 but not before drawing a really sad looking squirrel in the snow (i think it looks more like a weasel)

 and setting my vp1 down with my phone on it to try to capture some running shots.
i'm not very good at this! lol

 boys brought me back some u-swirl
(like i needed something cold.  hah!)

December 31, 2016

 my goals for 2016 have been met, and then some!
i actually only set one break 100,000 ft in elevation gain, because i was soooo close last year.  well, i more than doubled my goal.  what?!  =D
and i broke 2000mi for the year.  holy cow!  i had no idea how much, but there it is.
2016 has been a great year for my running.
now on to bigger and better things for 2017?
not sure how i can top it, but i'll hopefully have fun trying.

mom went to jane's and gave the girls the berets.  don't they look so cute??

December 30, 2016

 the one good day for them to make a snowman =)
(derek and matt had to leave already)

 swimming in the snow?

 relaxing and lying down on a bed of snow